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Insulation Contractors For Steel Beam Fireproofing
Whether you’re developing a commercial building or a residential one, you need to fireproof the structure to keep the building from collapsing in case a fire breaks out. Since this is a highly essential matter, it is best to hire the best commercial and home insulation company for the project. In NJ, Foam Insulation Solution is the best name when it comes to steel beam fireproofing. We use innovative spray foam which thermally insulates the structural elements of a building. In simpler words, in case of a fire, insulated steel beams will not reach high temperatures which, in turn, mean they will not reach their breaking point. In addition to beams, you can also use the spray foam to insulate steel joists, columns, metal decking and more. Furthermore, this type of insulation also keeps the structure safe from potential mold and fungal growth!

Foam Insulation Solution

Don’t Risk The Safety Of Your Commercial Building

A lot of commercial building owners don’t realize how dangerous it can be if they don’t insulate the beams. These are parts of the building that carry tremendous weight and in case of a fire, can immediately collapse, causing unthinkable damage. This is why so many builders are now working with Foam Insulation Solution in NJ in order to make sure that steel beam insulation is applied. This protects the beams from failing in a case that a fire breaks out. If you want to install steel beam fireproofing in your commercial setting, hire the best in business – Foam Insulation Solution – by dialing 888-616-8704 today!

Spray Applied Fireproofing / For Stiffer Support

In case of fires, the beam tends to reach high temperatures which cause it to lose its strength and collapse. This is why our Spray Applied Fireproofing insulation is made with materials such as perlite, vermiculite, or mineral wool. These materials allow the spray to harden as it dries, adding an additional bit of strength to the beams. The best part is that our experts at Foam Insulation Solution in NJ use spray foams made with contemporary formulas that are free of hazardous materials like asbestos and crystalline silica. For more information on why our steel beam fireproofing is the best in New Jersey, dial 888-616-8704.

Foam Insulation Solution

Improper Spray Applied Fireproofing Can Cost Lives

Fire can easily weaken the ability of beam in commercial settings, regardless of how strong these beams are. If that happens, the entire building can collapse in a moment, costing countless lives. You can add a protective layer of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) to the beams which will further strengthen them, keeping them stable in case of a potential fire outbreak. PFP is, therefore, often referred to as fireproofing since that’s what you’re doing to the beams – making them fireproof. We’re one of the leading NJ insulation contractors who offer spray applied to fireproof at highly affordable costs. Get more information at

Foam Insulation Solution

Best Steel Beam Insulation Contractors In NJ

Are you concerned about the potential damage a fire breakout might cause? Well, don’t worry! Foam Insulation Solution has got you covered. We use top-notch instruments accompanied by an acclaimed insulation solution to provide you with the best spray applied fireproofing in NJ. There are several reasons why we’re regarded as the best in steel beam fireproofing:

  • Our experts boast a combined experience of over a decade
  • We don’t come on board until all your queries are addressed to your satisfaction
  • Despite our unparalleled services, we offer the most competitive rates to our customers
  • We use an acclaimed Passive Fire Protection (PFP) spray to prevent structural damage from fire
  • Our technicians are regularly trained to learn the most contemporary techniques of the job
  • We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers
  • Call us now at 888-616-8704, or fill out this form – our experts will get back to you as soon as possible!


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