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Foam Insulation Solution

Spray Applied Fireproofing / Steel Beam Fireproofing

Foam Insulation Solution is an innovative spray foam insulation installer serving residential, commercial and steel frame projects. We use the latest foam spray fire retardant materials and techniques to deliver superior safety and performance. We understand your needs and deliver long-term solutions. Protecting steel buildings from fire is serious business and for years we have been delivering fire protection products to meet the growing need for fire protection in New York City and New Jersey.

Passive Fire Protection (PFP), commonly referred to as Fireproofing, is used to delay or prevent the failure of concrete and steel structures exposed to fire and heat. PFP insulates structural components in the event of a fire, protecting against the loss of structural integrity. An array of fireproofing technologies can be used depending on the application. PFP products do this by thermally insulating structural members to keep them from reaching temperatures that can result in failure. Spray applied fireproofing is used primarily to protect rigid structural elements such as metal decking, columns, beams, and steel joists from the effects of extreme heat that can be generated during a major fire.

Foam Insulation Solution

Additional Benefits

While not its primary use, PFP can also provide thermal and acoustic insulation benefits as well as thermal insulation for areas where structural members are left exposed as an added benefit.

Spray foam insulation has no food value for pests, so it does not support mold, bacteria, or fungal growth. Spray Applied Fireproofing is safe, non-toxic and can air-seal residential and commercial buildings, schools, offices and more.

Foam Insulation Solution is committed to providing safe, lasting, robust, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly insulation solutions. We are your local experts in Spray Applied Fireproofing, with extensive training and experience. For more information on what Spray Applied Fireproofing can do for your steel framed building or project get in touch with the experts at Foam Insulation Solution. Our fireproofing professionals are standing by to answer your questions.

Foam Insulation Solution

Composition of Spray Applied Fireproofing

Spray Applied Fireproofing is composed of gypsum or cement and often contains other materials such as quartz, perlite, mineral wool, or vermiculite. Most Spray Applied Fireproofing is made with gypsum or cement. These types are often preferred due to the fact that they harden as they dry. The alternative materials help lighten the solution often by adding air as an insulator. Chemical hardeners are occasionally applied to speed up the hardening process or to make the final fireproofing layer harder than it would otherwise be.

Spray Applied Fireproofing can be applied using either a wet or dry spray formula which can also be troweled into place. Spray Applied Fireproofing is generally delivered as a dry powder, which is then combined with water. Modern formulas contain zero asbestos and are also free of hazardous crystalline silica.

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