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In Freeport, home and business owners turn to Foam Insulation Solution for all their residential and commercial foam insulation needs. We offer a broad range of services that include spray foam insulation, waterproofing, sound proofing, and fire proofing. We also provide specialized services such as steel beam insulation and spray applied fireproofing. Regardless of what type of job you need we can handle it every step of the way. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Residential Insulation

You home is your castle. And, as such, it's important that you keep you castle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation is a significant investment that protects your home interior through every season while creating an energy efficient environment in all rooms. This is why foam insulation is the perfect solution. It's easy to implement, affordable enough to stay within your budget, and will improve your home's property value due to its durability and long life.

Commercial Insulation for Freeport Business

Commercial and industrial properties require more than standard fiberglass insulation. Spray foam offers various solutions for all types of commercial structures. In addition to spray foam insulation, we can also install fireproofing insulation as well as fireproofing paint. For larger structures such as high rises, we recommend steel beam insulation and fireproofing. Spray foam is ideal for heavy duty projects that require high=grade insulation throughout the inside of the building.

Does Spray Foam Meet State and City Building Codes?

The short answer is yes. Spray foam is the #1 choice for contractors because it consistently passes building inspections several years after it's installed. Spray foam has an R-Value rating of up to 6.5 per square inch. Not only does it create a powerful barrier around your building, but it's environmentally safe. It's the perfect insulation for both residential and commercial applications.

Sound Proofing Services Available for Your Interior

Is there a room in your home or business that needs to be isolated to keep sound from going out or coming in? Spray foam is the best option for creating a quiet environment. As spray foam is applied, it expands and hardens. Once in place, it absorbs sound waves and keeps them from passing through a wall. It significantly reduces or eliminates noise. It's a great product for recording studios, study areas, or buildings with adjacent businesses.

Comprehensive Service Of Insulation Solution

Crawl Space Insulation, Existing Home Insulation, Truck Insulation, Commercial Insulation, Sound Proofing

Other Services We Provide

Waterproofing, Spray Applied Fireproofing, Steel Beam Fireproofing, Fire Proofing Paint

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