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Spray Foam Insulation East Elmhurst Queens

According to the US Department of Energy, cooling and heating your home can account for nearly 60 percent of energy costs in most homes and businesses. This is the same for residential and commercial properties here in East Elmhurst Queens. In fact, some home use so much energy that they do not meet New York or New Jersey building codes. The solution is spray foam installation from a specialist.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Great Spray Foam Services For You

At Foam Insulation Solution we offer a wide range of spray foam services that include standard spray foam insulation, sound proofing, fireproofing, steel beam insulation, and spray applied fireproofing. In addition, we also provide specialized services such as crawl space insulation, truck, and insulation, and industrial services for facilities like warehouses and factories. Our service is efficient, our prices are affordable, and we do dependable work that you can count on.

Spray Foam Insulation Can Save Money

Although other types of insulation can provide some coverage for your walls, attic area, or floors, the only type of insulation that can provide 100% protection for your building is polyurethane spray foam insulation. When the foam is sprayed it expands up to 60 times its original volume. In small areas like wall cavities, the expansion will force the foam into tiny cracks, holes in the walls, and along corners and baseboards.

Quick And Easy Process

The process is quick and easy which will help you save money on labor costs and materials. Another savings benefit is in watching your energy bills decrease each month. Whether it's cold or hot outside, your building will be completely insulated from the weather. AC unit will operate more efficiently, which, in turn, will save you money in the long run. A third way that you will see saving is in reduced repair or replacement costs over the years (or should we say decades). Once spray foam is installed it rarely has to be replaced. It can outlast your home.

Spray Foam is Effective at Noise Reduction

Are you building a room that needs a little extra quiet such as nursery or a music studio? By using closed-cell spray foam you instantly notice a drastic reduction in the noise levels by up to 70 decibels. Closed-cell spray foam is slightly spongier than open cell. This allows it to absorb sound vibrations. So instead of frequencies bouncing off the walls or getting through, they'll simply disappear. Your room will be much quieter.

Steel Beam Insulation

Steel beams are part of the foundation of larger multi-level buildings. As such, they need protection as well. Spray foam is used to reinforce steel beams from fire and extreme heat.


Spray applied fireproofing is commonly used to protect larger structures such as office buildings, factories, or warehouses.

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