How Can Spray Foam Save You Money? 

Are you planning to lower your energy bills? 

If so, spray foam insulation is one of those solutions that can make it happen. 

Foam insulation is one of the reliable ways and is a much safer alternative to fiberglass & cellulose insulation. After applying spray foam insulation for thousands of homes and commercial properties, Foam Insulation Solution can confidently say that spray foam can easily cut down your energy expenses from 15 to 30 percent per month.  

We have been in the foam insulation business for many years. 

This article will create awareness of how spray foam insulation can save money in the long run. 

How Does Spray Foam Saves Money? 

There are many reasons why spray foam insulation can play a role in saving your money on heating & cooling costs. One of the significant benefits of applying spray foam insulation is the air sealing it creates. The SPF solution tends to expand 4x its original size after application. It is why the spray foam, when applied to any surface, can easily cover up unwanted cracks, gaps, and holes, making a perfect air seal. 

According to a survey, more than 50 percent of households’ annual energy consumption depended on space heating and air conditioning. Just imagine if both units constantly kept running because you could not maintain a constant temperature on the property. If your home cannot maintain a constant temperature because of air leaks, its impact will likely appear on your energy bills. 

This is where spray foam insulation becomes a great alternative. 

It is a polyurethane isocyanate material, which, when applied to cracks & holes, seals them away permanently. Due to its self-expanding capability, the foam easily settles into the tiniest holes in the walls & ceilings, making the entire space airtight and reducing air leakage considerably. 


How Much Can You Save on Monthly Bills with Spray Foam Insulation? 

The amount which you save on your energy bills varies. It depends on which parts of your property got air sealing done. But on average, people have reported a significant cut down of up to 30% on energy expenses when their entire home is well-insulated. 

Unlike fiberglass and cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation is a one-time job. Over time, fiberglass and cellulose can both deteriorate, but that’s not the case with spray foam insulation. 

Foam insulation never breaks. It does not tend to sag or shift. No matter how old it becomes, it is going to remain in its place for a longer period. 

Thus, it saves you a good amount on energy bills. 


What Other Factors Impact Your Home’s Energy Bills? 

Although Spray Foam Insulation is among the many things that can save you on energy costs, a few other things can also contribute to lowered energy expenses. It can be your HVAC system’s performance, furnace condition, doors & windows, and other areas in the home that is well insulated. 


HVAC Systems & Air Ducts 

Has it been a while since you last considered getting your HVAC system and air ducts cleaned? There’s a high chance it might be costing you unnecessary expenses. Adding foam insulation to your HVAC units and existing air ducts can provide proper air sealing. As a result, your HVAC system doesn’t require maintenance and is finely tuned. Eventually, you won’t end up paying high amounts in billing. 


AC Unit & Furnace Performance 

Another important consideration is to check whether your AC unit or furnace is performing well. If your system is not running efficiently enough, it will cost you more than you pay for energy expenses. Hiring a professional to check your AC unit and furnace will improve its functioning. A more effective heating & air conditioning unit will provide better savings on energy bills. 


Doors & Windows Sealing

Even after you opt-in for spray foam insulation installations, if your doors and windows don’t have energy-efficient sealing, it can lead to air leakage. Spray foam insulation only works effectively when your doors and windows are properly sealed off. It will reduce the constant load on your HVAC performance and, as a result, save you a significant amount on bills. 

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Foam Insulation Solution – How We Help You Save Money? 

At Foam Insulation Solution, we are a team of fully certified and trained experts ready to apply spray foam insulation to every part of your home and workplace. With our years of experience in insulating walls & ceilings, our team can provide you with the best foam insulation material all across NYC. Whether you have one part of your house or the entire building insulated, our professionals will never compromise on quality of service. Let us assess your house & apply spray foam insulation to different parts of your home. 

Foam Insulation Solution is partnered with Total Home Comfort Energy Efficiency Program to offer you the best rebates on all insulation upgrades. Now, you can save costs on insulation installations and, at the same time, get a solution that reduces your energy bills considerably well. Need home insulation? Dial (888) 616-8704 and get your residence or commercial building fully insulated by trained experts. 

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