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If you are tired of paying those sky high cooling and heating bills, tired of those drafty rooms, attics and crawl spaces and are looking for the right insulation to protect your home, not only from air infiltration and drafts, but from moisture as well then Spray Polyurethane foam insulation may be just the solution to your problems.

Spray Polyurethane
Foam Insulation Basics

APF insulation is made by combining chemicals that react to one another by creating a foam that quickly expands to fill in spaces and insulates by providing a seal against air as well as moisture barrier. Unlike fiberglass and other types of insulation that is formed by layers of material that may not fit tightly into corners and cracks, the foam itself can fit into small cracks and fissures and then hardens quickly supplying a tighter barrier than other types of insulation can. SPF insulation is extremely effective at reducing air infiltration through crack, seams and joints and then provides a solid protective barrier.



Two Types of SPF

There are two basics types of spray polyurethane foam insulation Open cell or closed cell. Both types have their users. Closed cell SPF has a higher strength and rigidity, resists water quite well, and is better at absorbing sound. However, it is always best to ask your SPF specialist to which type of SPF insulation is best for meeting your needs. Foam insulation can:

  • Eliminate internal wall condensation problems
  • Adhere to any surface
  • Reduce the likelihood of mold growth
  • Not be use as food source or nesting material for rodents

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