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Spray Foam Insulation Sugar Hill Manhattan

As much as 40% of the energy used in the average home in Sugar Hill Manhattan is lost due to air infiltration. Leaks in your home can be prevented using spray applied foam insulation- taking the pain out of electricity bills, saving you power and money.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Better Heating and Cooling Efficiency

The best solution for air infiltration is spray applied foam insulation. Foam insulation seals all of the nooks and crannies in a building that let treated air leak out- driving up your monthly utility bills. The EPA says sealing leaks with spray applied foam will lower your HVAC bills as much as 20% each month.

Spray Applied Foam as Fireproofing

When used to retain temperature treated air, Spray Applied Fireproofing also offers flame and heat resistance to help protect against fire. Traditional insulation offers little to no resistance to flame, making foam insulation far superior in terms of fire safety.

Spray applied fireproofing

This service, also known as steel beam insulation, is done to insulate concrete and steel structural components in case of a fire. Our spray foam insulation does this by thermally insulating these components to keep them from reaching temperatures that can result in failure. Spray applied fireproofing is used primarily to protect rigid structural elements -- such as metal decking, columns, beams and steel joists -- from the effects of extreme heat that can be generated during a major fire.

Energy Efficient

By keeping your home and HVAC system fully sealed, your home will be much more energy efficient. Spray foam insulation will reduce the workload on your heating and air conditioning system, allowing you to reduce the use of your system by up to 35% while maintaining a satisfactory level of comfort all year round.

Sound Proofing & Steel Beam Insulation

Spray applied foam insulates and protects load-bearing elements such as steel beams, and offers soundproofing benefits as well. Steel beams absorb valuable heat during the cold season and can warp when exposed to fire or extreme heat. These risks are significantly reduced in buildings where spray applied foam has been installed.

Air Sealant and Flame Resistant

Spray foam stops air infiltration by filling leaks and protects your home or office against fire. Leaks which can be sealed with spray foam are most frequently found near:
• Windows and doors
• Electrical features
• Attic doors
• Vents
• Rim joists
• Soffits
• Knee walls
• Flues and chase ways

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