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You’ve heard a lot about spray foam insulation in recent years. But, why should you consider upgrading this new innovative way to insulate your home? Statistics show that spray foam insulation can lower your utility bills by 30-50%! But that’s not all – it has also been shown to work as sound barrier, protect your family from fire, and even keep pests out. Far superior to standard batting, spray foam insulation is able to get into the tiniest cracks, giving your hoe a tighter seal. This allows it to keep moisture and air out, while offering extra fire protection too. Foam Insulation Solutions are industry leaders, serving the entire New York City, New Jersey and Long Island Region. Known for their superior work and expert knowledge, our trained crew is ready to safeguard your East Side Manhattan home from drafts, fire, and noise.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Stop The Noise! Sound Proofing Available

Can you hear your family from across the house? Would you like a little peace and quiet? Spray foam insulation may be the answer. When it is sprayed behind your walls, the foam expands, and then hardens, creating a solid sound barrier that helps to muffle noises throughout the house. A great way to keep family noises in the basement, rec room or media room, spray foam insulation offers the kind of peaceful home you long for

Stop Fire from Spreading

It only takes minutes for the smallest spark to ignite into a deadly fire. The experts at Foam Insulation Solutions offers two different ways to fireproof your home: foam insulation and fireproofing paint. Stop a fire in its tracks with spray foam insulation. Acting as a barrier to slow down a fire, it has been shown to contain fires, at least until help arrives. This can give your family the time they need to make it to safety.

Steel Beam Insulation

When exposed to high heat, steel beams can warp and become a real danger. Protect you steel framed building from fire damage by bringing in the expert team at Foam Insulation Solutions to add an extra layer of fire protection with their innovative fire retardant materials.

Fireproofing Paint

For even more protection, apply fireproofing paint to your walls. Thickening up to 50-70% when exposed to heat, this simple coating creates an ash-like layer of insulation on the walls, which can stop fire from spreading.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam comes with a number of benefits not found in other methods of insulation. For example, while fiberglass can draw in dampness which then produces mold, spray foam locks moisture out. Fiberglass is not resistant to rodents but spray foam is. It is solid with no cracks and keeps out contaminants, mold spores and pesky rodents. Finally, foam insulation complies with building codes.

Other Benefits

• Save on energy bills
• Reduce drafts
• Eliminate noise
• Minimize air infiltration
• Reduce ports of entry for insects and rodents
• Easily insulate larger areas
• Resistant to settling
• Qualifies for tax rebates
• Completely compliant with building codes

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