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Since 2011 Foam Insulation Solution has been helping both home and business owners insulate their buildings by using the highest quality foam insulation products on the market. Spray foam creates a more energy-efficient interior and helps property owners reduce their heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. Contractors, architects and home and business owners recognize this amazing product as the most effective insulative material in the industry. Contact Spray Foam Solution today and let us help you provide protection for your building by installing spray foam insulation in your walls, floors, and ceiling.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

The reason spray foam is the best option for you is because of its protective features. Spray foam is a two-part mixture of isocyanate and polynol resin. During the implementation process, the mixture is blended to form polyurethane which expands upon contact with almost any type of surface. The expansion helps the foam to reach into every wall cavity and fill it completely up.

Protect Home or Business from Moisture

Moisture is the number one cause of home deterioration in the framework and along the walls. Although most insulation can keep water from dripping through the attic, it doesn't stop humidity and condensation. In fact, when fiberglass gets wet it stops being effective at keeping air from coming through.

Control The Atmosphere

This is why spray foam is a smarter option. After foam expands it hardens and forms a rock-like barrier around the house. This barrier is impervious to any type of moisture including condensation and humidity. It offers a protective shield that blocks all outside weather. It also acts as a thermal barrier throughout the year. Regardless of what is going on outside, you'll have an easier time controlling the atmosphere inside the building. It protects any structure regardless of how large or small.

Sound Proofing

Are you building a room that needs a little extra quiet such as nursery or a music studio? By using closed-cell spray foam you instantly notice a drastic reduction in the noise levels by up to 70 decibels. Closed-cell spray foam is slightly spongier than open cell. This allows it to absorb sound vibrations. So instead of frequencies bouncing off the walls or getting through, they'll simply disappear. Your room will be much quieter.

Steel Beam Insulation

Steel beams are part of the foundation of larger multi-level buildings. As such, they need protection as well. Spray foam is used to reinforce steel beams from fire and extreme heat.


Spray applied fireproofing is commonly used to protect larger structures such as office buildings, factories, or warehouses.

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