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Spray Foam Insulation Union Square Manhattan

Up to 40% of the average home’s building’s energy is wasted due to air infiltration. Gaps, cracks, and leaks- which can all be easily prevented with spray applied foam insulation- drive up your electricity bills, wasting power and money.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

Spray applied foam insulation is the best solution. It acts as an insulator, and sealant, closing all of those nooks and crannies that let temperature treated air escape- adding to your monthly energy bills. The EPA reports that sealing air leaks with foam insulation will reduce your HVAC bills up to 20% each month.


Modern material science allows the same Spray Applied Fireproofing used to retain temperature treated air has powerful flame retardant properties to help protect your home from fire. Ordinary insulation lets air move through gaps that fireproofing foam seals. Traditional insulation is a poor barrier to heat and flame with no air retention properties.

Steel Beam Insulation & Sound Proofing

Spray foam insulation can insulate and protect load bearing elements like as steel beams, and offer impressive soundproofing benefits. Steel beams can also absorb heat treated air, and they can warp under extreme heat and fire exposure. These risks are reduced significantly in buildings with spray applied foam. Foam insulation, is also an excellent sound proofing aid, making a structure less permeable to noise and unwanted sound for a quieter environment.

Ventilation And Air Conditioning

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning represents much of your household energy expenses which appear on your monthly bills. By keeping your HVAC system well sealed, you will make your home much more efficient. Spray foam insulation reduces the workload on your HVAC system, enabling you to reduce the size of your HVAC system by up to 35% without losing comfort or efficiency.

Truck Insulation

Enhancing your trucking services can also increase your industry value. By applying foam insulation to your truck’s interior, you can protect goods from the negative effects of spiking temperatures.

Lasting Results

Rolled insulation falters as it ages. It sags and lets air get through. Spray foam insulation is made of inert polymers that remain intact and firm indefinitely.

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