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Mill Basin Brooklyn Residential and Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Since 2011, Foam Insulation Solution has been home and business owners in Mill Basin Brooklyn by providing first-rate foam insulation installation. We choose spray foam for many reasons, but mainly because it’s the best insulation product on the market today. Spray Foam gives your building 100% protection heat, cold, wind, rain, and sunlight. It creates a thermal barrier around any structure that keeps Mother Nature out and dry air inside the building.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

What is R-Value and Why is it Important in Spray Foam Insulation?

R-Value is defined as the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. In the case of insulation, the higher the R-Value is, the better the insulation. Most products such as fiberglass insulation have a rating of around 3 per inch. Cellulose may have a score of 4-5. Closed spray foam, however, jumps up to 8 per inch. No other kind of insulation even comes close. This is it’s preferred in both residential and commercial properties across Mill Basin Brooklyn.

How Does Spray Foam Work?

They created a hot foam liquid, The liquid expands to 30-60 times its volume in liquid., The liquid will continue to expand until it has reached its capacity or until it fills up whatever space it’s in.,Once expansion is complete, the compound hardens and forms a solid membrane

Steel Beam Insulation

Metals are often compromised by exposure to the elements. Foam insulation shields them from weakening caused by the elements and temperature-based expansion and contraction. Spray foam insulation exceeds other types of insulation by exceeding state and national fire code safety regulations. It secures cracks, crevices and open spaces.


Beyond the excellent fire protection that foam insulation provides, our affordable Intumescent Fireproofing Paint and Intumescent Fireproofing Coating safeguards your building. They are flame deterrents and help slow the spread of fire.

Existing Home Insulation

Most types of insulation lose effectiveness over time. The longer you rely on it, the greater the chance of energy loss, moisture penetration and mold growth. Upgrading to foam insulation allows you to start saving money and protect your health and investment.

Truck Insulation

Applying foam insulation to the interior of your truck protects the goods you transport from spiking temperatures. That can increase the value of your services in the trucking industry.

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