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Of all the products on the market today, spray foam is hands down the most dependable, durable, and has the highest insulative value. Technicians in different fields utilize foam insulation for a wide variety of residential applications including Sound Proofing, Fireproofing, Steel Beam Insulation, Spray Applied Fireproofing, surface waterproofing, crawl space, and truck insulation. If you are getting ready to install insulation for a brand new home, or need to replace your old material, then check out the benefits and features of spray foam today. You'll be glad you did!

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

How Spray Foam Insulation Works

Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is formed by combining materials that react to create plastic foam. This foam expands then hardens to provide an air and moisture thermal barrier. A certified technician implements SPF. Foam Insulation Solution technicians also are trained to apply a solid layer of foam evenly across the surface. A professional should always use spray foam to ensure that it is performed safely and according to New York and New Jersey building codes. Failure to install this type of insulation correctly can result in costly fines and expensive replacement.

Spray Foam has Highest R-value of Any Product

Spray foam has a higher R-Value than all other types of insulation. Most insulation material has an R-Value of 2.5-4.5 per inch. Closed foam insulation, however, has a maximum R-Value rating of 8. What this means, is that neither water nor air can penetrate the foam membrane. Spray foam has the distinct advantage of being able to completely block air and moisture. The benefit to property owners is that they now have full room climate control and they save money on their heating and cooling bills each month.

Spray Foam Insulation Provides 100% Protection

Other types of insulation such as fiberglass or cellulose are rolled out or laid on top of a surface or between the walls. While they do a decent job of providing coverage for an area, they don't offer 100% protection. Drafts and water can still get through open areas. Spray Foam Insulation bonds with any surface to create a tight seal. The adhesion completely blocks air and moisture from getting in the building. Your home or business interior is completely shielded from the outside elements.

Fireproofing Benefits

Spray Applied Fireproofing represents an important feature of many of the spray applied foam products we install. Our foam insulation products are flame retardant and heat resistant, giving your home or office a valuable fire safety benefit.

Foam Insulation Solution

Old insulation does not provide adequate protection all the way around your house. Foam Insulation Solution offers a thorough inspection of your home. We can pinpoint weaknesses and openings in your insulation and then make recommendations on what needs to be done to replace the insulation.

100% Guaranteed

Foam Insulation Solution stands behind both our products and our work. When the job is completed, you will be 100% satisfied.

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