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If you’re looking for comprehensive weather protection for your home or business, then spray foam is the insulation for you. Spray foam combines all the best features that you’d expect from a quality product into one material. Foam Insulation Solution chooses polyurethane foam because it is the only product we trust to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Low-Maintenance & Easy, Affordable Installation

Say good replacement insulation. With spray foam, there is no maintenance for several years after installation. Since technicians spray the foam on, it requires half the time and a fraction of the labor costs that other types of insulation require.

Instant Savings & Room Control

Your energy bill will be reduced by 30-50% annually. You can have your room temperature and humidity levels exactly how you want it without pesky drafts.

How Does it Work?

Polyurethane spray foam is unlike other types of insulation such cellulose or fiberglass. It’s not rolled out or cut into pieces, but rather applied onto a surface from a spray machine. Once it lands on the surface as a hot liquid, it begins to expand 30-60 times its liquid volume.

Get Complete Coverage

It then hardens and forms a barrier that is impervious to water and air. The foam creates a cement-like seal. There are no open spaces or gaps for water or drafts to leak through. Spray foam can get into those hard to reach areas and fill up cracks, holes, and edges along the wall. Instead of partial coverage as with other types of insulation, you get COMPLETE coverage.

Spray Foam Applications

Sound Proofing, Fireproofing, Existing Home Insulation, Steel Beam Insulation, Crawl Space Insulation, Spray Applied Fireproofing, Truck Insulation.

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