How Spray Foam Insulation Can Lower Your Energy Bills?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly power bills? If so then foam insulation is your way to achieve this goal. When perfectly applied on your premises, spray foam insulation can save you a lot of money compared to other solutions like fiberglass or cellulose. But how does it do that? Let’s find out in this blog.   

How Spray Foam Saves Money? 

When your AC’s cool or warm air keeps leaving the house the air conditioner struggles to maintain a suitable temperature, eventually increasing your electricity bill. It can even happen when you have insulation if there are any remaining cracks or gaps in the ceiling or walls. 

However, if you install spray foam insulation you can save a good amount of money every month. Spray foam is the best air barrier and can fill in all the cracks and gaps efficiently. The solution can expand up to 4 times after application so the worry of unwanted to missed gaps shouldn’t be there. 

The main strain on energy bills is because of the leaking air which makes the HVAC work hard. Once all the gaps and cracks are filled no air will leak out eventually reducing the load on the HVAC and your electricity bill.  

The amount of money you will save varies from house to house. But people say that they have been saving up to 30% after getting proper spray foam insulation

Another cool thing is that spray foam is better than fiberglass and cellulose insulation as it is a one-time investment. It will not sag or shift just like other insulations. Even if it may seem more expensive at the time it will save you money in the longer run.   

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Factors Affecting Savings with Foam Spray Insulation 

The application of foam spray insulation will cut down your power costs. But some other factors can also impact the energy bills including HVAC systems, AC unit & furnace, and doors & windows sealing. Let’s explore their impact on your bills one by one. 

HVAC Systems & Air Ducts: 

Applying foam spray insulation will create a good seal for the air. However, if you don’t have a well-maintained HVAC system you’ll not see the full potential of it. So it is important for you to service your ducts every year. The yearly service can include: 

  • Cleaning the mechanicals 
  • Putting in clean filters 
  • Cleaning out the ducts

If you can maintain this year’s maintenance, you can enjoy a more efficient HVAC system. 

AC Unit & Furnace Performance:

Are you always looking to utilize the maximum power of your HVAC system? Both of these scenarios can also increase your energy bill. When you have the spray foam it creates a seal for the air, it means that the air you’re treating will stay inside your house. Thus you’ll not need to overwork your AC unit to maintain the temperature. 

Doors & Windows Sealing:

Lastly, your doors and windows should have energy-efficient sealings. Spray foam can only work efficiently if your doors & windows are properly sealed. 

Additional Considerations

Here are some more benefits of spray foam: 

No more bugs and pests 

Beware if your home has wall cavities as it can become a breeding ground for small animals including bugs, rats, ants, and small rodents. So, if you don’t want such activities in your house you should apply foam spray insulation as it will fill in all gaps for you. 

Easy to Install 

Spray foam is the easiest insulation to apply on any type of property, even if you need to install it in a hard-to-reach area. During installation, a team of professionals uses a gun to spray the material on your asked area. The material dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait for days to see the positive output.  

Additional strength for your Building 

Foam spray comes with strong adhesive qualities, so it can glue building materials together. Eventually providing extra strength to residential or commercial properties. So, you not only maintain the temperature of your house but also make it more durable.  

How can you reduce energy bills with Spray Foam insulation?

The foam spray insulation creates a perfect air seal around your house that helps in maintaining the temperature without adding an extra workload on the HVAC. Moreover, it can also protect your house from bugs and insects. 

And if you need any help with spray foam insulation feel free to get in touch with Foam Insulation Solution. We are always ready to help you in improving your home.