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Spray Foam Insulation Services Available in Staten Island

Whether you are building a new home, or are ready to get rid of those drafts for a warmer, more comfortable living area, it may be time to consider upgrading your insulation with a fast, quick and effective alternative to standard batting: foam insulation. This new innovative way to plug up cracks and seams that can be sending chilly drafts through your home and your energy costs through the roof; allowing pests and insects a place to sneak in; and even increasing your risks of fire, can save you money and worry. Here’s another bonus: this unique insulation creates a nice sound barrier in rooms that tend to get a bit noisy, giving everyone in the house more peace. Foam Insulation Solutions have been serving Staten Island for more than 30 years. Known for their superior work and expert knowledge in the insulation industry, the crew at Foam Insulation Solutions is ready to protect your NYC home from drafts, fire, and noise.


The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Sound Proofing

Whether you have noisy kids, or a spouse who likes his TV louder than you do, find the peace and quiet you deserve. Spray foam insulation offers a good sound barrier by hardening in place behind drywall, offering a buffer between rooms – and noise created there. A great way to keep the noise from play rooms, rec spaces, basements and media rooms from making their way throughout the house.


Fire can sweep through a house fast – putting everyone in its path in danger. Add another layer of protection to your home with spray applied fireproofing insulation spray. Designed to slow down fire with its flame retardant properties, this unique insulation offers a fire barrier that meets all industry and fire code standards. For even more protections, the experts at Foam Insulation Solutions also suggest that clients use fireproofing paint as a primer when painting the rooms in their home. It can be used with any other paint products, leaving homeowners with a sense of security without sacrificing style. It works by becoming thicker (up to 50-70%) when exposed to heat. When fire strikes, the paint expands, creating an ash-like layer of insulation on the walls, which can stop fire from spreading.


Steel Beam Insulation

When steel is exposed to high levels of heat, it can warp and become compromised. Protect your steel framed building from fire damage with spray foam insulation. It offers a unique Passive Fire Protection (PFP) way to protect those steel beams, metal decking and joists in the case of a fire.

Get Rid Of Cold Drafts

Is it time to get rid of those cold drafts … create a quieter home environment … protect your property from fire and even insects invasion, while paying only of what you do now to heat and cool your home? Then it’s time to learn more about foam insulation

Sound proofing

Sound proofing businesses and houses existing in densely populated neighborhoods, towns, and commercial-size locations and venues.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

Spray Applied Fireproofing featuring Class 1 fire rating to safeguard businesses and homes.

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