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The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

This winter, the average home, and business in Long Island, could lose as much as 40% of their energy, wasted needlessly due to poor insulation which results in air infiltration. Holes, gaps, cracks, and leaks- which could all be easily prevented with spray applied foam insulation are notorious for driving up your energy bills, wasting power, money, and causing undue wear and tear on HVAC systems.


The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

Spray applied foam insulation is the best solution to air infiltration available on the market today: spray foam insulation will act as a highly effective insulator, and an air sealant, completely sealing off all of those pesky nooks and crannies that let your temperature treated air escape- adding major energy losses to your utility bill. The Energy Star program, (an initiative created by the Environmental Protection Agency), recently published a study which reports that by sealing air leaks with spray applied foam insulation, homes and businesses in Long Island could save up to 20% on their heating and cooling expenses each and every month.

Reduce The Amount Of Work

In support of this study, the Department of Energy reports that as much as 56% of energy consumed in homes and other structures is used to heat and cool the air inside. That means, the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) usage for your home or business represent a majority of your monthly energy costs which will show up on your monthly expenses.But, by keeping your home, business and HVAC system well sealed with foam insulation, you will make your properties much more cost effective to own and operate. Spray foam insulation will help to reduce the amount of work that your HVAC must do to temperature-treat the air within the building. With a complete spray applied foam insulation treatment in your home or business, you could even reduce the size of your HVAC system by up to 35% without losing efficiency or sacrificing comfort.


The Fireproofing Benefits of Foam Insulation

Advanced material science makes it possible for the same foam insulation which can help to make your Long Island home or office retain temperature treated air, also delivers flame retardant properties and heat resistance to better protect your properties from fire. Traditional panel and roll out insulation permits air to move and seep through gaps which spray applied fireproofing seals up entirely- and traditional insulation itself is air-permeable- making it an ineffective barrier to both heat and flame with no practical treated air retention capabilities.

Steel Beam Insulation & Sound Proofing

Spray foam insulation will also insulate and protect load bearing structural elements like steel beams, as well as provide soundproofing properties. Steel beams absorb heat treated air and can bend under extreme exposure to heat from fire. These factors will be reduced significantly in buildings with spray applied foam insulation. Spray applied foam also makes a building less permeable to sound.

Installing A Full Spray

There simply is no better way to lend a helping hand to your HVAC system, and soundproof your home or office while adding an extra layer of protection from fire than installing a full spray applied foam insulation treatment to your home or office.

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