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Residential Reinforcement: What Spray Foam Can Offer Your Home

When most people picture home improvement, they imagine building and repairing large, visible structures. In fact, home improvement is as much about enhancing the parts of your house you cannot see. Installing spray foam insulation is one of the most effective ways to perfect your home, providing a wide range of health, safety, and financial benefits.


The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Mitigating Mold

Whereas fiberglass and other insulating materials leave large gaps in your walls, spray foam insulation fills even the smallest crevice. As a result, there isn’t any room for mold spores or for the moisture they need to grow. Mold is a serious threat on multiple fronts, undermining both your family’s health and the structural integrity of the building, so keeping it at bay with spray foam is doubly beneficial.

The Sound Of Silence

Don’t underestimate the benefits of sound proofing your home. Even in a peaceful town like Hicksville, a local construction project or community event could easily disrupt your sleep and impact your quality of life. Luckily, the same properties that make spray foam insulation so sustainable and cost effective also allow it to repel sound. By filling in all the air between your walls, foam insulation gives outside sound no avenue to enter your home. The barrier works both ways, allowing you to play loud music, movies, or video games without disturbing your neighbors. Call Foam Insulation Solutions at (888) 616-8704 to learn more about sealing your home off from noise.


Incendiary Impediments

The state’s requirements exist for a reason. Through proper fireproofing, foam insulation can be a powerful aid in the fight against flames. Our foam insulation resists ignition, making it harder for fires to start or to spread throughout the house. If a fire does manage to spread, our steel beam insulation allows the building to maintain its structural integrity, which can make the difference between life and death during a serious burn. Spray applied fireproofing also gives fire crews more time to extinguish the fire, increasing the chance that your home will survive and be restored. Contact us to learn more about protecting your family and your property from fire.

Insect Immiseration

In addition to keeping out mold spores, spray foam also blocks insects from entering your house. Insect invasions spread quickly, so keeping them from getting into the wall in the first place is crucial if you want to avoid a costly visit from the exterminator. Spray foam is also an effective barrier against rodents, spiders, and other animals that spread disease. Call us today at (888) 616-8704 for more information on promoting health, hygiene, and peace of mind in your home.

Fending Off Flames

No homeowner wants to deal with a house fire, and with spray foam from Foam Insulation Solutions, such a threat is unlikely. Our spray applied fireproofing methods block flames, preventing fires from catching and surviving long enough to do serious damage. Our fireproofing methods help your home comply with official safety codes, which require all home insulation to have a thermal barrier. We can also apply intumescent fireproofing paint to further reduce the chance of a burn.

Strengthening A Structure

No flame prevention method is foolproof, but if your home does catch fire, our spray foam provides another form of protection. Through steel beam insulation, we bolster the structural integrity of your house, preventing the building from collapsing on you during a burn. In addition to saving lives, this also makes it easier to salvage your house once you have put the fire out, preventing a costly rebuild or move. Contact Foam Insulation Solutions to learn more about protecting your home and family from fire.
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