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Comprehensive Coverage: Why You Should Choose Spray Foam To Insulate Your Home

Whether you are looking to save energy, protect the planet, or fend off fire and pests, Foam Insulation Solutions is committed to helping you achieve your goal with spray foam. Insulating your home with spray foam will allow you to attain:


The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Savings & Sustainability

If you’re concerned about climate change, strip mining, and other environmental threats, spray foam insulation is a great way to make a difference. Foam fills every gap in your wall's interior, leaving no avenue for water or outdoor air to enter. This prevents summer heat and winter cold from getting into your home, meaning that once you establish a comfortable indoor temperature, you can maintain it with minimal energy. Using less energy means that fewer fossil fuels will have to be harvested, less carbon dioxide and pollutants will enter the air, and the environment will face fewer threats. Moreover, less energy use means lower electric and gas bills, allowing you to quickly recoup the cost of installing the foam.

The Sound Of Silence

Don’t underestimate the benefits of sound proofing your home. Even in a peaceful town like Hicksville, a local construction project or community event could easily disrupt your sleep and impact your quality of life. Luckily, the same properties that make spray foam insulation so sustainable and cost effective also allow it to repel sound. By filling in all the air between your walls, foam insulation gives outside sound no avenue to enter your home. The barrier works both ways, allowing you to play loud music, movies, or video games without disturbing your neighbors. Call Foam Insulation Solutions at (888) 616-8704 to learn more about sealing your home off from noise.


Incendiary Impediments

The state’s requirements exist for a reason. Through proper fireproofing, foam insulation can be a powerful aid in the fight against flames. Our foam insulation resists ignition, making it harder for fires to start or to spread throughout the house. If a fire does manage to spread, our steel beam insulation allows the building to maintain its structural integrity, which can make the difference between life and death during a serious burn. Spray applied fireproofing also gives fire crews more time to extinguish the fire, increasing the chance that your home will survive and be restored. Contact us to learn more about protecting your family and your property from fire.

Control Over Critters

Insects, rodents, and other animal invaders are more than an annoyance; they are a threat to your health and that of the family. These animals spread dangerous diseases and allergens, and can also infest your food supply, forcing you to throw out groceries that otherwise would have been fine. A layer or spray foam insulation, however, will fill in all of the entryways that these animals would have used to get into your home. Foam insulation also provides an effective barrier against mold, mildew, and other threats to the structure of your house.

Obligation Obedience

Under New York state law, household insulation must have a thermal barrier in order to prevent fires from spreading. Through spray applied fireproofing, we establish just such a barrier, ensuring that your house will pass all applicable inspections.

Enduring Effectiveness

Fiberglass and other forms of insulation deteriorate quickly, requiring replacement within a few decades under the best conditions. Spray foam insulation, however, is highly resilient, and will continue to do its job for up to 80 years. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to fire, vermin, or the elements. To order insulation for any house in Hicksville, contact Foam Insulation Solutions today.
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