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Residential Revolution: Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Most Effective Home Technology

From interactive home control systems to indoor theaters to carefully-calibrated climate control, it is clear that the American home has entered the 21st century. The most advanced innovations, however, are often the ones that we can’t see. Insulation is a case in point; though most homeowners have never seen the material that insulates their walls, it has a clear impact on their quality of life.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.

Safety Services

House fires are among the greatest threats to both your family and your property, but spray applied fireproofing minimizes the damage. Our insulation provides the thermal barrier required under New York state law, making it harder for fires to start and spread. We also offer steel beam insulation to keep the house intact during even the most severe burns, giving you time to get your family to safety and then save the building. Contact Foam Insulation Solutions for more information on staying safe from fires.

Solace From Sound

Sound proofing is crucial to the quality of life of modern families. The less sound can get into your home, the more privacy you have with your media and conversations, and the less you have to listen to outdoor noises. Spray foam insulation provides the highest standard of sound proofing. By filling in all the gaps in your walls, foam insulation leaves no way for sound to travel, muffling exterior noises while holding your own sounds inside.

Savvy Sustainability

In the modern world of solar panels and smart grids, “advanced” and “sustainable” go hand in hand. Sustainability, however, has as much to do with how efficiently we use energy as with how we generate and distribute it. Air conditioning and heating, for example, account for a large portion of household energy use; the more efficiently you perform them, the less electricity and gas your house will need. Spray foam insulation reduces energy demands for both of these processes, holding in heat during the winter while keeping it out during the summer.

Mold Management

Mold undermines the structural integrity of your home, reduces its value, and creates a serious health risk for your family. For mold to spread, however, it must first have both space and moisture, but spray foam insulation affords it neither. This preserves the integrity of your house and prevents you from having to order expensive mold removal services. Foam insulation also keeps rats, mice, and insects out of your walls, further safeguarding your home and your family.

Soundproof Any Room in Your Property

Open cell spray foam has a slightly less molecular structure than closed cell spray foam. This slight variation makes it spongy. These properties are ideal for sound proofing any room in your building. It greatly reduces noise levels by absorbing sound waves instead of bouncing off the wall. It minimizes reverb and echo in a room and tightens it up acoustically.

Fills Every Gap & Significant Energy

A complete seal that fills in every gap providing a solid wall of defense.Significant energy efficiency that results in up to 50% in heating and cooling costs each month

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