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Savvy Safety: How Spray Foam Insulation Keeps Your Home Secure

When most people think of home safety, they imagine locks, alarm systems, and other measures to keep out home invaders. Protecting your home, however, is as much a matter of preventing fires and infestations as keeping out criminals. Applying spray foam insulation from Foam Insulation Solutions is a powerful safety step, defending your home against:

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

There are several advantages to using spray foam over other types of insulation.


Rodents, insects, and mold spread disease and filth, undermining your health and that of your family. Such pests generally enter through your walls, exploiting the gaps in traditional fiberglass insulation and feeding off moisture lodged between the panels. Spray foam insulation, however, harbors neither gaps nor moisture. Fungus and animals will have no way into your walls, and even if they could get inside, they would quickly die from lack of water. You and your family will thus be safe from a variety of diseases, as well as the structural integrity issues that mold and insects create.


Both New York state laws and common sense dictate that drywall is not enough for a safe home. Without a thermal barrier, there is nothing to stop fires from consuming the building, putting you and your family in serious danger. Spray applied fireproofing provides the thermal barrier necessary to keep fires from spreading, saving your family from extreme temperatures and smoke insulation. Likewise, steel beam insulation protects the building's structural integrity, preventing it from collapsing on your family if a fire does start. Foam Insulation Solutions also provides intumescent paint and other fireproofing services; call (888) 616-8704 to learn more about safeguarding your family from flames.

Energy Hazards

Electrocution and gas leaks are a serious risk to Dix Hills residents, and the more energy your house uses, the more likely you are to have a problem. Energy use is especially high during the area’s cold winters, when it is needed to provide heating, as well as during the summer for air conditioning. Spray foam insulation improves home energy efficiency, keeping energy use and the consequent risks to a minimum. By blocking air and water from the walls, it prevents heat from moving out of the house during the winter and in during the summer. As a result, the house does not need to use much energy to provide seasonal climate control, reducing the risk of a dangerous electrical or gas issue.


Never underestimate the danger of poor sound proofing. If your home is exposed to outside sounds, you will have trouble sleeping or relaxing, leading to greater stress; this can undermine your long-term health and happiness. Likewise, letting sounds from inside your house get outside is a privacy issue. If your neighbors and passersby can hear you, you may end up revealing private information. Spray foam insulation provides effective sound proofing, blocking outdoor noises while keeping your own conversations safely inside of the building.


The same features that spray foam have to resist water, and, and sound, also make it an ideal candidate for fire protection. This is especially true for steel beam insulation and spray applied fireproofing. It's an excellent product for reinforcing core areas of building support.

Why Hire a Professional?

Although foam insulation kits are available for property owners, a DIY installation project is probably not a good idea. The chemicals used in spray foam can be hazardous to your health during the installation process before hardening. Installation technicians wear protective clothing and utilize highly advanced equipment that is safe and eliminates the possibility of injury.

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